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yrkkh Latest gossip 3rd January 2022

Today’s episode Manish states why nobody is recognizing that Arohi’s alliance with Birlas will not happen. Suhasini, Swarna and Kairav are urging Manish not to be hyper or his health may be compromised. Aarohi is furious and declares that she will not lose another time. Akshara arrive and Arohi informs Goenkas that she’s deserved Birlas and display the bangle she that she received. Akshara is in shock. Swarna, Manish and Kairav challenge Arohi for going to Birlas despite their assertion that they couldn’t make the alliance. Manish demands Arohi for permission to visit Birlas. went to Birlas. Akhilesh informs Goenkas that he brought Arohi along.

In the flashback Arohi got Akhilesh to join her with Abhimanyu. She informs Akhilesh she believes that Abhimanyu is her love and happiness and is her ideal partner in the future. To the real world; Mainsh wants to know Akhilesh to confirm if he backed Arohi. Akhilesh says to Goenkas that yrkkh latest gossip  he doesn’t see the tears of Arohi’s eyes so to make her smile, the visit was to Harsh. In the flashback Harsh presents a bangle Arohi and then asks Akhilesh to persuade Manish. Then back to the present; Swarna and Suhasini tell Akhilesh that he walked away from the pair. Akhilesh apologizes Goenkas and says that he did what he thought was best for Arohi. Abhimanyu and Birlas make a visit to Goenkas. Akshara and others are awestruck. Arohi welcomes Birlas.

Abhimanyu is trying to persuade Manish to join his side with Arohi. Akshara stands stressed. Goenkas is quiet. In the middle, Manjari worries if Manish would reject the idea. Abhimanyu tells Goenkas that he is able to understand that everyone might be wondering what he’s thinking about Arohi’s suggestion. He declares that this time he’s looking forward to the relationship. Kairav is asking Abhimanyu to marry him, despite the fact that there is no love. He asks him what he thinks he should do to get the union. Abhimanyu declares that he’s in the city to get married in an arrangement where the relationship is more essential more than love. Abhimanyu also asks Manish as well as Suhasini to make the final decision. Manish says yes to Arohi as well as Abhimanyu’s partnership. Arohi, Akhilesh and Harsh are all very happy. Akshara stands stunned.

Then, Swarna and Suhasini performs the ritual of Abhimanyu along with Arohi. Akshara is the one who participates in the ceremony. She is crying at the table. Arohi embraces Akshara and expresses her joy. Abhimanyu meet Akshara. He confronts Akshara to find out why she’s crying when she should be happy because of her twin sister. Abhimanyu demands Akshara to eat sweets on the day. He also indulges in sweets. Akshara stops Abhimanyu. She is crying and takes a bite of fenugreek seeds. [Episode Ends]